Picture hanging Melbourne

Art hung is an Art installation business that covers all of the Melbourne CBD and beyond.  A tailored service offering 1,2 or 3 installers at any one time to suit your picture hanging requirements.  Need to see if we will visit were you live? Take a look at our map to find your location and see how far we will travel to hang you Art, make contact and plan your installation.

Picture hangings systems Melbourne

Yes hanging picture does mean putting holes in your wall.  Love those 3m command strips and I use them at home but there is another way.  Use a picture hanging system a great way to preserve your walls from additional holes when you would like to change your art work or add to your collection.  Find out more about our how our picture hanging systems work or visit our shop Art display systems .com

Mirrors hung

Do you hang mirrors?  Yes we do.  Considered by some a specialty field and for good reason they usually weigh a lot, can be framed in a variety of styles or frameless, made for indoors, outdoors, mantels and more.  You might need an insured business with some years of experience to deal with the size and help you with the placement of your mirror. See what we can do for your mirror installation