About Art hung - where & how we work
About Art hung

Art hung is focused on delivering a quality service.  Art installation requires a variety of visual and practical skills that can extend the realm of the visual arts.   It’s not a science but it is an art.

We install mirrors, tapestries, rugs, screens, sculpture, china or collectibles, did I mention paintings, pictures, posters, photographs, prints, reproductions and great masters alike and the occasional clock and coat rack.

It is a simple art but one that requires some athleticism of the arms as well as the eye.  There are no fast rules, but it requires an awareness of the work and the surrounds and a regard for both.

Every installation is different, a private residence, school , shop, gallery, apartment, hotel or office block. Our customers vary from individuals, designers and architects from one work to a thousand. All customers require an individual service, I aim to provide an excellent one.

For further information or an installation you can leave a message or telephone to discuss your project.

Were we work

We hang Art in the Melbourne CBD and all across the Melbourne metropolitan area.  Our standard call out will take us within a 35 km radius of the CBD  and we will travel further afield, to the Regional areas.

Some clients have even requested Art hung to hang Art in  Mount Eliza, Hamilton Walkerville to Warnambool and even to Bribie Island.

How we work

When you phone us to make an appointment  to install your art we will ask you about the wall-type, the number and approximate weight of the Art works or Mirrors, which area you live in, and will make an appointment  to hang your Art.

We carry all standard hanging fixtures, including split batten for heavy works, and have the technical know-how to safely hang your Artworks, with appropriate fixtures for your wall type, and the size and weight of the Art work or mirror.