About picture hanging


Installing Art is rarely as simple as putting a hook in the wall.  Picture hanging is a combination of technical know-how and reading the image to its best advantage.  The development of the visual relationships in the space is what excites us.

It can be fun hanging one work – or a group of works together. Trust us to display groups of work in innovative montage layouts. These could be family photos, that postcard collection, or displaying your own craft, such as framed cross-stich or tapestries.

Framing, lighting, viewing height and interior are all part of the visual solution.

We consider the weight of you Artwork, what’s on the back, how can it hang flat, or you may like it to lean forward.

Also considered are technical questions such as how to secure the artwork,  on what substrate it is to hang, and the interior environment and how this will affect the Art.

These are all good reasons to use the picture hanging services of Art hung Melbourne.